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Manito Life Center

Manito Life Center, a 501(c)(3) Corporation, founded by M. Lisa Schadt, R.N., is dedicated to helping children and adults who are experiencing trauma, children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and individuals with a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities. Services include Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, Therapeutic Riding, and Hippotherapy. Manito Life Center provides interactive programs based on a collaborative effort between licensed therapists, educators, and horse professionals.

Manito Life Center is an accredited member of PATH International.

Horses are powerful partners for 'reconnecting' with oneself, with nature, and with a wholesome avenue of self-expression. Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in exercises and activities with horses.

Benefits may include:

*increased self-esteem and self-worth
*a sense of responsibility and teamwork
*increased communication skills
*coping skills
*life skills

For children diagnosed with physical or cognitive disabilities,
therapeutic riding may help with:

*core strength
*behavioral issues

*motor planning
*focus and task completion
*gross and fine motor skills
*social skills and peer interaction
*confidence and self-esteem


We work with children and adults in treating:
*a wide range of physical challenges
*cognitive different abilities
*effects of domestic violence
*anger management
*behavioral issues
*grief and loss

Student prevention and intervention programs:
*peer harassment
*conflict resolution
*creative thinking
*team building
*character development
*problem solving
*peer leadership skills

Types of Therapy Offered

The EAGLE Program:
Children experiencing trauma are especially vulnerable and can benefit immensely from the interactions with Manito's horses, beautiful farm and trained staff. By providing children with wholesome avenues of self-expression, the EAGLE program at Manito Life Center assists in eliminating social and emotional obstacles to lifetime achievement.
Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL)
Therapeutic Riding (TR)
Hippotherapy/Equine Assisted Therapy

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