Volunteering at Manito Equestrian Center

and Life Center

It's exceptionally rewarding to assist riders with different abilities and enjoying our therapy herd at the same time. At Manito, we serve both the riders and their families, and provide an educational and supportive atmosphere for our volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of any therapeutic riding program. Without them we cannot run classes or provide therapy for our riders. On average, our program needs 3.5 volunteers for every individual we service. Often the number of volunteers we have dictates the number of sessions that we can provide.

As a volunteer at Manito you will be rewarded by developing a bond with your riders, volunteer team, instructors, and our therapy herd. You will be mentored as a volunteer in adherence with the highest PATH International standards of safety and excellence in education and horsemanship.

The benefits of volunteering also include healthy exercise, new friendships, expanding equestrian knowledge, and the companionship of like-minded team members who share a common goal: to enrich the lives of individuals with different abilities through the magical aid of some very special horses.

The areas that require volunteer support include:
*barn work/herd management and care
*participating in equine assisted activities in a variety of roles
*special events and horse shows
*fundraising and grant writing
*administrative support
*community outreach and education

How to become a volunteer:

If you have never been to Manito, call to schedule a tour 610-433-3707 or email Alicia at aliciapramik@gmail.com . Sign up for the next volunteer training on our events page. Volunteers must fill out an application and get PA child abuse clearance and background check. Many volunteer responsibilities can be taught on the job, so volunteers do not need to wait for the next volunteer training to start helping our exceptional horses and riders.

Volunteer Enrichment:

Manito is a place of learning and education. Many of our volunteers bring talents to the table that are invaluable in this industry. Volunteers may choose to consider equine assisted therapies as a career or area in which they would like continuing education. Manito can provide the mentorship to seek certification as a PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor (TRI) or PATH Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) http://www.pathintl.org/. Additional training is also available for volunteers who wish to be trained in specialized mounts/dismounts, advanced horse handling skills, and barn management skills.

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